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Bank Entries form

10 April, 2023

This form allows entry of simple one-liner transactions one by one, keeping track of entries and balance. Each row in the grid will create a new Bank Transaction with one in-line entry, either as Money Received (Credit/Income amount) or Money Spent (Debit/Expense amount).

  • Transactions save automatically on this table but are not posted to Journals until you post them using Post to Accounts button. Only Posted transactions form part of your Profit & Loss and other transactions.
  • You can filter transactions (e.g. after import) and select to show Private Portion and Contact
  • Import multiple transactions from CSV, apply bank rules and post them to Accounts easily

Entry form

  • Default Date – used in new transactions added to the list.
  • To Bank Account – Select account to which all transactions should be posted upon completion. Selecting account will also populate Balances.
  • Filter – select invalid (incomplete) transactions only to fix them.
  • Show / Hide columns
    • Private Portion: each in-line entry can have Private Portion. This portion is deducted from the amount of in-line entry and posted to default Private Portion account (Owner Loan by default). Tax will not be calculated on this amount
    • Contact – allow transaction to be assigned to Contact
  • Post to Accounts – creates bank transactions from each valid row
  • Clear All – removes all entries from the form
  • Manage Entries Import
  • Add Account – add account to Chart of Accounts and use it in this transaction
  • Manage Bank Rules
    • Add Rule – go to Bank Rules where you can add a new rule
    • Apply Rules – assign Account and Tax Code to each transaction matched to a local or global rule

In-line transactions

Use ‘Export’ button to get a CSV report with all grid information, and use Search box to find transaction by Memo or Account. Alt+N adds new rows.

  • Date – date of transaction
  • Account – detail account for transaction – appears in in-line entry
  • Debit / Expense – gross amount that was withdrawn from Bank in this transaction
  • Credit / Income – gross amount that was deposited to Bank in this transaction
  • Tax – select tax code for this transaction
  • Priv % – hidden by default – amount posted to account is reduced by portion of Private Amount that is posted to default account for Private Amount, as defined in Settings
  • Memo – enter main details of transaction – appears in Transaction Memo
  • Review – marks this transaction to appear in ‘Review Transactions’ report
  • Tax Amt – calculated amount of Tax for transactions, not editable – you can set Tax Amount manually only in General Journal and Bank Transaction forms
  • Priv Amt – calculated amount of Private Portion assigned to private account
  • Contact – hidden by default – code of Contact you wish to assign to this transaction
  • Site – assign transaction to Department Site for divisional reporting

Import from CSV

This form allows you to import multiple transactions from using CSV file, as well as view and remove entire import, if e.g. made to an incorrect account. Read more about Importing Transactions from CSV.

Manage previous Posts to Accounts

This feature, allows you to view list of Batches of transactions imported from CSV, with details about the import, transactions and who made this Post to Accounts.

You can also use the Action button ‘Reverse’ to remove all transactions posted in this batch from accounts.

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