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Bank Feeds

7 April, 2023

Bank Feeds is a connection between Olivs and your bank, used by Olivs to retrieve transactions from accounts you specify, saving you downloading or entering transaction details manually. You can process and allocate these transactions using our Rules system, or process them as entered or imported transactions.

Set up a new connection

  • Log in and select your Business File. Click Menu > Finance > Connections.
  • Select ‘Connect to New Account’.
  • If this is your first connection, you will see Basiq Terms & Condition page. To continue, select ‘Approve’.
  • Select the bank account you wish to connect to.
  • Enter your credentials.

Connection and initial setup takes up to 30 minutes. When this process is completed, you will receive an e-mail with a list of all accounts for this connection.

Only you can see accounts that are not linked to any Business File. Linked accounts and their transactions can be seen by those who have access to this file and sufficient permissions.

  • If you want to link the bank account to the Business File used to connect to the bank, you can click on the account in the e-mail

Removing / disabling a connection


Managing connections

Log in and select your Business File. Click Menu > Finance > Connections

This form displays all Your Bank Connections and all accounts linked to this Business File.

You can see and manage all your connections, and link different accounts from the same connection to different Business Files.

  • Select connection, click on Action Button and show Accounts.

Connections are managed by Basiq and Olivs according to our respective and aligned Terms & Conditions.

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