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6 July, 2023

Olivs is a business management software offering accounting, invoicing, payroll and time-management solutions.

1 – Register your User Account

If you wish to use Olivs, you must register your User Account. You must log in as user to access any Subscriber and Business File data in Olivs. User Account is your own: keep your credentials to yourself. Olivs made it easy to share data between users, so nobody else needs to log in as you. Also, Olivs will never ask you for your password either.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details
    • Your e-mail address will be used to identify you; you will also log in using this address. You will be able to change it later, but here you will need to verify this address.
    • Your phone will be used to recover your account in case you lose access to your e-mail address, and to send you text messages as a second layer of security when you log in.
    • Make sure to enter a strong password.
    • Read & accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  3. Click ‘Create User’.

You will receive an e-mail with a code, which you need to enter into the field that appears. Please add the sender address (support – to safe senders as you may be receiving service information from us. We will not send any advertisements from this account.

2- Set up 2-factor authentication

Security of your data is important. When you log in, we will request that you enter a code generated in your phone Authenticator app, or we can send you a code via SMS. After you create your user, you will be taken to a page where you can set up your Authenticator app on your phone. Follow the simple steps on the website. Find out more about 2-factor authentication.

You are in!

If you were invited to Olivs, you can now see and accept this invitation. If you want to start your own Olivs experience, Set up your Subscriber. You can add Team Members (employees, contractors, accountants) later, they will need their own User Accounts.

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