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2-factor authentication

6 July, 2023

2-factor authentication adds a layer of security to protect your data. After entering your e-mail and password, you will be prompted to enter a code from your phone:

  • it can be sent to your mobile phone in a text message (SMS), or
  • you can set up a Google Authenticator app on your phone (Android or iPhone) and this app will generate the code for you

We recommend using Google Authenticator app on your phone. We use a third-party provider to deliver SMS messages and we cannot guarantee immediate delivery. You can search ‘Google Authenticator’ in your apps store, it’s easy, safe and convenient.

Apple and iPhone names are property of Apple Inc.

Google Authenticator App, its logo and images are property of Google Inc.
Android is a proprietary name of Google Inc / Alphabet Inc

This feature is also known as multi-factor authentication, 2FA and MFA.

Lost phone?

You can remove the app authentication: go to your personal Dashboard, in top right-hand menu click on ‘My Details’ (form G-09). On the form, select ‘Add / Remove 2FA’. On the form G-12, select ‘Remove’ in the bottom part.

This action will render all Authenticator app codes useless. At this stage, you can only use SMS code as second factor. You can set up new Authenticator app codes by repeating the Steps to Add 2FA.

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