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Business File

6 July, 2023

Business File is the data file and functional unit for one organisation, comprising of all functionality and information held for that organisation in Olivs.

Create new Business File

To create a Business File, you must be an Owner of a Subscriber, or be a Member holding permission to create Business File on their behalf.

Log in to Olivs and select ‘New Business File’ below your Favourites list. On the new page (G-05), select the Subscriber you wish to enter basic details, including:

  • Business name – we recommend using legal name of the business, trading name can be added later,
  • ABN,
  • Business type – initial list of accounts varies in small details depending on type.

You can also set up how other Team Members can access this Business File:

  • Allow Team members of your Subscriber to access file automatically with Admin privileges – each Team Member of your Subscriber can gain access to the file without your approval, by going to list of Business Files and selecting ‘Request Access’
  • Allow Team members of your Subscriber to invite users from outside team

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